Children’s Dance Classes


(Ages 6 months – 36 months): This class is a great way for you and your child to learn together and bond. This class promotes the development of the child’s motor and cognitive skills through pre-locomotion and locomotion activities. Your child will build both their body and brain by exploring, communicating, and learning naturally fundamental movements. It also allows for new social experiences and interaction with other children which contributes to the development of expressiveness, creativity, and social security. So bring your play-dates to this class for a fun and new experience that is great for both you and your child. Class consists of one 45 minute class per week.


(Ages 3-4): These classes are for first year students. Students will learn creative movement, ballet and jazz. Students also learn classroom etiquette such as raising your hand, taking turns, and respecting others. The classes are based on a new program called Leap and Learn. Leap and Learn is a comprehensive early childhood dance program that provides consistency and structure, while being educational and fun. It incorporates intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, basic body/health awareness, and teamwork through a variety of teaching methods. The classes are upbeat and stimulating. Drawing on the child’s wonderful imagination and boundless energy, the exercises are taught through song, story and role-playing. The class consists of one 45 minute class per week and performance in an end of the year recital. Recital rehearsal is incorporated into weekly class.


(Ages 5-8): Classes designed to provide children between the age of five and eight years of age with a strong foundation of dance using movement sequencing, patterning, and spatial relationship. Educators now know that training in these concepts will lay a strong foundation for the later development of reading, mathematics, and other educational skills. The children will become familiar with two out of three disciplines of dance, tap, ballet, and/or jazz in every class. There are different levels to meet your child’s dance education needs, Combo 1, Combo 2, and Combo 3. The class consists of one 50 minute combination class per week and performance in the end of the year recital. Recital rehearsal is incorporated into the weekly class.


Learn the classical art of ballet from professionally trained instructors. Our classes inspire the love of movement through graduated levels designed to teach awareness and respect for the body. We emphasize careful technical training that will enhance all physical endeavors (i.e. tap/jazz/modern dance, soccer, gymnastics etc.) and welcome all ages and levels, beginning to professional, regardless of previous training. We strive to nurture the desire to move joyfully and enrich the lives of our students. All students will be placed in the correct class as determined by the instructor. The class consists of one 50 minute class per week.