• I feel very fortunate to have found a dance studio in my hometown that is in the Top 10 studios in the North Central Region and one of the very top in the entire state of Illinois. There really is no other studio around that competes at this level. The kids are taught discipline, hard work, and passion for dance and they truly love every minute of it. Jane's produces the best dancers around and it shows in every performance they compete in. We are a very proud JMSD family. Thanks Jane and all your staff for your dedication to teaching my daughter what she loves to do best and that is to "dance".

    Shai and Jeff Foster
  • We will never forget the FIRST competition…. When our Granddaughter danced to” Sea Cruise “at 6 years old. This was in Florida at Disney. We didn’t quite know what to expect, and just could not get over how together they were at that age. We have been following her every dance and every competition since them little did we know we would still be following 6 years later. !!These girls have a connection, THEY ALL WANT TO DANCE, that is why they are there. Jane and all her fabulous team of instructors make them feel like they are able to accomplish their dances. They give them their best and the kids give them their all!! When you see the training, patience, techniques, attitude and passion that this studio has towards their students, you just know they are doing their best. Jane cares passionately for each and every student, You can just see it in her face when they are competing. Encouraging them not to be discouraged, She wants them all to succeed. Jane Mannion School of Dance has certainly been an inspiration for our Granddaughter , and also for her Grandpa and Me.!! Thank you Jane and Staff for caring.

    Donna and Vern Eversgerd
  • Tyler's dance experience at Jane's has been absolutely incredible. The instructors are very personable and are invested in making sure the dancers are learning the very best in technique and style. Tyler has made a lot of great friends through dance. Thanks Jane and Staff.

    Audra Zobrist
  • I brought my daughter Lexi to Jane's after it was recommended to me about 8 years ago now. We really did not know anyone that danced there. I remember walking into the old building she was in at the time and wondering if I had made the right choice, then we met Miss Jane herself and her wonderful teacher Elaine and I had a feeling we were going to love it. They both were so kind and welcoming to Lexi. I remember her going home and just spinning around the room and talking about "Miss Elaine" the whole night. now 8 years later we have an incredible dance "family" and that is what it is for us a "family" . some of our very best lifetime friends for Lexi and I have come from being a part of this AMAZING studio! The talent that is generated here is just out of this world especially when you think about how small it is. If your child loves to dance or if they have never danced before, this is the place! you can not walk in the door without feeling the passion and love. I could go on and on but you have to experience it.

    Beth Witzig